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Lesson Time on Weekly basis Monthly Payment by Invoice (monthly installments) Automated Monthly Credit Card (monthly installments) *Automated Monthly Direct Debit (monthly installments)
30 Mins (1/2 Hour) $180 $175 *$170
45 Mins $232 $227 *$222
60 Mins (1 Hour) $282 $277 *$272
75 Mins $335 $330 *$325
90 Mins $370 $365 *$360
120 Mins $459 $454 *$449

For more detailed policy information, please see our Registration Form:

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Piano Lessons/Theory Integration or Composition/Music Technology:

Lessons are typically offered once or twice a week for 30-minutes, 45-minutes, 60-minutes, or more. Our programs vary based on each individual, therefore tuition is simply based on how much time you book with us and payment method. If you enroll anytime between September and June, you pay monthly tuition installments and receive a set number of lessons to be completed over the remaining school-year. You may discontinue anytime by giving a month's notice. For noncommittal drop-ins, see Mentorship Program at bottom of page.

  • You may enroll in lessons any time of year! We simply reduce the number of tuition installments and lessons you receive if you join any month other than September. If you join in Summer, you can Pay as You Go, then start tuition installments in September.
  • Examples:

    • 1) Starting in Sept: 10 tuition installments, 36 lessons
      2) Starting in Feb: 5 tuition installments, 18 lessons
      3) Starting in July: No installment, Summer Package Applies. We have three-lesson or five-lesson packages, or you can pay for each individual lesson whenever you want to schedule one. In Sept, tuition installments begin.

      We have a reasonable make-up policy and lesson termination clause:

      • If you cancel with sufficient notice (24-hrs), we give you a make-up credit, and you can cancel up to 6 times per year above and beyond school holidays/vacation periods (these periods don't count against you, they're built into our policy). Your make-up lessons kick in after you have completed your allotted number of lessons for the year, and you can always opt to purchase additional summer packages once all lessons and make-ups have been fulfilled.
      • To terminate lessons, all we require is one month's notice, and your remaining installments will be cancelled for the remaining months.
        • Additional Opportunities:

          • We offer a minimum of two well-attended Public Recitals a year and additional performance opportunities through local and national music organizations. Recitals are optional -- we encourage participation, but we also understand if that's not your thing.
          • We also host workshops and special classes such as: Music Theory 101, Music History, and Performance Classes targeted towards particular age groups/levels (you can use make-up credits towards these).
          • Competitions and Public Festivals: Some of our students choose to take a more competitive route, and we prepare them for the demands of competition playing and/or public festivals, which involve a higher degree of training and preparation.
          • Professional Recording Opportunities: Gretchen is a certified audio engineer and has brought her students into a professional recording studio. However, she can record you right in our own studio on a magnificent Steinway Concert Grand!
          • Electronic Music Composition: Students interested in composition can get one-on-one training using our advanced electronic instruments and professional studio-level software. Learn to create new works of musical art! This is especially popular for students interested in film music and music for media.

Mentorship Drop-In Program:

If you aren't prepared to commit to regular lessons, but want the occasional guidance of a professional, we offer mentorship at drop-in rates. You contact us to let us know you'd like a lesson, and we get back to you with a date/time that would work for us. There's no free trial lesson with the mentorship program. You just pay for each lesson just prior to or at the time of the lesson. The only commitment we ask is: if you cancel less than 24-hrs in advance of the confirmed lesson, we must charge 50% of the missed lesson since that is lost time/income for us. This is only applicable to the Mentorship Program. Otherwise, there are no strings attached! Pun intended. Contact us if you are interested in this option.

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